Gruvv: Music is going social

Introducing Gruvv, the ultimate social media app to connect, discover, and let your music speak for you.

No streaming service required

Music Discovery, Made Personal  

Right swipe to match? 

Not here.

In the Discovery section, right swipe to follow a user who’s music you vibe with based on their 9 Musical Identity songs. Or left swipe to pass.

Music From People, Not Algorithms

Listen to 30 second snippets of music from the people you follow in your feed. 

Add songs you love directly into your Spotify or Apple Music playlist, or you can repost a song directly to your profile. 

Flex your Music Muscles

The Grid (highlighted, left tab) is for unlimited song posts.

Musical Identity (right tab) highlights your top 9 songs, which are displayed on your profile in the Discovery section.

Shane Suda

The Founder

26, smiles a lot

Beaufort, South Carolina

The dog is Barbie

This idea of a universal platform to share music on, combined with a swiping mechanic to discover other people’s music taste has been on my mind since 2020. I have zero tech experience however figuring out how to make this app felt right, so I kept going. Here I am 3 years later with my once brain child, now a real thing. 

Thank you for your support! Which nine songs define your musical identity? I can’t wait to find out on Gruvv!